Oil core plant

The most significant enterprising and investing activity that was pioneering at the same time for the standards of Messara, was the instruction of a contemporary plant of processing the oil core in the area of Philipou in Ano Kasteliana. This unit, the capacity of which reaches 400 tones of core 24 hours a day and its power of more than 700 hp, was constructed within four months and first functioned in 2001 on trial period.

From the year 2001-2002 this unit is ready to accept not only 100% of the production of oil core of the plants of the area, but of the whole prefecture of Heraklion, as it fulfils the most contemporary technical prearrangements. Starting from the selection of the place, based on which it was made, under the indication of an engineer and offer the study of documents and air photography for the suitability of the area up to the installation of the plant everything was made with special attention and the criteria of the protection of the environment.


All the terms of the environmental study were observed to the maximum. The unit is located one kilometre away from a habitable area and at a remote location so as not to create any problem, the contemporary oil core plant constitutes a useful construction for the entire area which conduces to the decentralization and the development of the distinct.

This plant of processing oil core includes double spin dryers in which the core heats to evaporate the moisture it contains at a high percentage. Inevitably it is poured in large containers, which with the use of xexane the oil which the oil core contains, is dissolved in the form it is exported from the oil plants. Then the stage of boiling follows, where xexane evaporates with hot steam, which is then recycled and reused, so that oil is left, which is collected in containers to be taken to other industrial units, where the next process stages of refinement are made until it reaches the production of the final product.

The philosophy of the enterprise

The idea of the creation of the oil core plant existed before as it is a related activity with the trade and standardization of olive oil with which Androulakis' enterprise has dealt for forty years now. The greatest gravity was given to the construction of this unit, while the dividing sections and all the mechanical equipment is Greek.

The unit is situated among the first three plants that get activated in this field in the whole of Crete, with a dynamic aspect of future growth. Propulsive power is love for the job, devotion and professional consistency with which Adroulakis himself and his family work, since it is basically a family enterprise.

Parallel, the interest in the development of the area and in the provision of motives for the young not to abandon the countryside follow. It is a philosophy, which is put to action, since it employs local work force for the meeting of the staff needs of the enterprises. As far as the height of the investment is concerned, which comes from o high percentage from the capitals themselves with the subsidy of the National Bank, it amounts to hundreds of million.

Next target and ambition is the upgrading of the product which is produced from the oil core, which is the best in the category of industrial oil and by for superior to seed oil. Of course, extra fine olive oil is a product of superseding quality, the staple of healthy food, which even has healing properties. Meanwhile, both consitute a significant part in our national economy and they must be dealt with extreme attention, as there are many profit margins and vital aspects of development.

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